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Athlete Hip/groin pain

Is it common? The answer is yes, Do we need to live with it? NO, Can we get it rid of it? YES. The majority of us who play multi directional and high impact sports have all suffered from the symptoms to varying degrees. It can range from your muscles/movement feeling tight/stiff to real pain coming out through an isolated area, usually the hip, groin, ab or even glute.

It becomes normal to have tight hips, heavy legs, a niggle in the groin region or a pain in the glute when we start our day or are warming up for activity and we accept it will gradually get better during training! "I'll loosen up"!

We accept the sore groin and painful adductors the following morning, decide it's normal and keep rinsing and repeating our efforts as it's just part and parcel of the demands of playing sport or so we tell ourselves!.

Pain through the hip and groin can be referred from your lower back, hip flexor or pubic bone as well as coming from your hip joint or groin. We've all been told we have weak glutes at some point!


. low levels of sport specific training

. High level of competition

. Gym training in one plane of movement


Our bodies don't have to feel constant tight muscles and restricted movement, by focusing on our training patterns, being specific with our training and how much training load we put ourselves through we can reduce the risk of injury and remove those restricted movements that hold us back from performing to our potential.


It starts with general physical preparation, developing movement in all planes and then manipulating our training intensities to our specific needs.

The training load has to prepare us for the level of competition. It should vary in intensity and the type of training will depend on what part/type of a competition stage you find yourself in.

When we play competition in multi-directional sports we move in different directions at high intensity, by training/preparing our bodies in a controlled environment to move in different planes of movement we are giving ourselves the best possible chance of reducing injury risks in competition.

Give yourself the best chance of tapping into and reaching your strength potential. The best part is it's already in you, You just need to decide to use it.

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