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It is the main question an athlete asks! How do I get faster? What should I do to get faster? Usually the athlete blurts out a few things they feel they should do before you give them an answer.🤣 It's normally I feel like I need to engage and strengthen my glutes or I think I need to do more work with bands.

The bottom line is you want to get faster so without being funny practice sprinting, we can work on making you stronger along the way to handle the output and intensity.

We train the anterior and posterior chain for a balanced athlete to reduce your injury risks and increase output. This will contribute to your end goals and keep you progressing to reach your maximal potential.

A quick tip for improving speed and acceleration might look like this:

  1. 20m sled drag @ 100% effort @ 15kg or use a parachute

  2. Rest for 60 seconds

  3. 20m sprint with no sled

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