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ATHLETES: Why use resistance training?

Why should athletes use resistance training and how will it benefit performance?

First and foremost resistance training is most effective when used as a tool for improving quality of movement patterns and then increasing the quantity of quality movement. "First move well then move often".

To improve these patterns we require some load, however if we perform these movements free from load there is insufficient stimulus for the tissue and nervous system to adapt. The loads required are moderate to achieve the stimulus we need. It is possible to improve performance using this method without adding any extra kilos to the bar.

It makes sense that an athlete should tap into their existing strengths to enhance their performance, its waiting to be used.

The resistance training should be all about the athlete increasing their sporting performance so quality movement should always win over kilos on the rack. A Quality movement base allows the athlete to hone the necessary specific skills required to gain an edge in their field.

This could be the edge you are looking for to get to the next level, bring you closer to reaching your potential, that 1% gain on your competitors to leave them behind.




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